Best Places To Eat Haleem In Hyderabad During Ramzaan

May 17, 2019

The holy month of Ramzaan is here and the city of Hyderabad wakes up to the serene sounds of prayer, fasts and curbs worldly desires till the sun goes down and glitters all through the night.

During this time, Food, Food, and Food is everywhere and there is so much to blow your tastebuds with. From ever enriched Biryani to mouth-watering Chicken Shorba, the list goes on in this city of the Nizams. However, one dish hijacks the festive atmosphere completely - Haleem.

Hyderabadi haleem is a world-famous dish made up of meat, nuts and wheat and stewed into a thick paste. And mostly garnished with crispy fried onions, mint and lemons.

That's it??? Yes, the recipe might sound simple but it's no child's play to make this dish. Haleem takes the title of "Zaika of the season" for some definitive reasons. And to find that out why? you will have to go on a foodie quest and try it yourself.

Here we have a list of best places to tame your craving for some good exotic Haleem.

Each place on the list has its own twist and touches to the dish, some serve spicy, some serve meaty, and some serve dry. Buckle up for tasty surprises as you would definitely galop a second serving.

1. Hotel Shadab

Location: Charminar

Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Shadab serves the most finger-licking HaIeem in the season. With old times vibes, the spot is perfect to meet up and wonder about food and fairy tales.

2. Shah Ghouse

Location: Shah Ali Banda Rd

A little deep in the roots of the old city,  Shah Ghouse has been ringing a bell as one of the best places to have Haleem. To add to the excitement, foodies will have an all new atmosphere this season as the place got a makeover with AC cabins and well-furnished furniture.

3. Pista House

Location: Charminar

Another place in the backdrop charms of Charminar, Pista House is the most popular place name through the city for serving delicious Haleem this season. An upbeat place with classic chair and table arrangement, it gives a fancy touch to the Nizam era dish.

4. Sarvi Restaurant

Location: Banjara Hills

Situated in the poshest area of the City, Servi serves authentically awesome haleem that will indulge your taste buds for hours. A stylish place with an amazing outlook. Moreover, if your stars are favouring you then you might crash into some celebrity.

5. Cafe Bahar

Location: Basheer Bagh

A favourite of Zomato and Swiggy users, Cafe Bahar is another high-end place in our list where you can settle your Haleem carvings. With fully air-conditioned and spacious rooms, the place is perfect for family outings in these crowdy times.

Still reading the article? Haleem waits for no man, go grab some now!