Frequently Asked Questions

What is PGO?

PGO stands for Paying Guest Online. It’s a digital platform, where one can choose and book different varieties of accommodation types.

What all covered in PGO digital platform?

Website ; Mobile App in Android and IOS.

What is Use of PGO?

PGO makes easier to search your accommodation such Hostels, PGs, Hotels etc, which makes easier for an individual to choose and book.

Which all accommodation types PGO showcases?

Hostels, PG, Service Apartments, Lodges, Cottages, Guest Houses and Hotels+.

What does Hotels+ category means?

All kinds of hotels, resorts and other left over categories are showcased under Hotels+ category.

How to login on PGO?

You need to register first on App or web site. Valid Indian Mobile number is mandatory to register/login.

If I register on website, registering on App is mandatory or vice versa?

No. Even though both are different registration processes, in website registration password is mandatory whereas in App you can register with OTP. You can login to App or website with same credentials.

Can I skip email as its optional?

Yes, still we recommend to fill.

Who is Guest?

Guest is a user of PGO, who can login to PGO platform with an access to choose and book the properties that are available.

Who is Host?

Host is the owner of one or more properties that are showcased on PGO platform. Host also can choose/book his stay as anyother guest. Hence Host on PGO is basically Host + Guest.

Is PGO deal with Hostels & PG bookings only?

No, PGO also deals with Hotels, Cottages, Guest houses, Lodges, Service Apartments and Resorts.

What is PGO verified means?

PGO verified are the properties which are personally visited by PGO team and ensured that all amenities showcased on the platform are physically available. PGO verified properties gives confidence to prospect guests while choosing their stay as those properties are verified by PGO.

Does PGO have any payment gateway platforms?

Yes. We have PayUmoney in Website and Razorpay in App as payment gateway partners.

Are the properties listed on PGO are owned by PGO?

No. PGO is a digital platform which showcases the properties of users (host) and facilitates users (guests) to choose and book.

Once I made booking i.e. it’s a confirmed booking?

No. After your successful submission of booking, host will approve your booking. The same will be informed to you by SMS and also status of booking changes to host approved. Only host approved bookings are confirmed bookings.

Is every host gets a webpage showcasing their property?

Yes. Every property will have a web page with short url as follows.

What are my Favourites?

My favourites consist of all your favourite properties. You can add/delete any property by clicking on smiley icon.

What is Near Me?

Near Me helps in retrieving the properties around you, based on our real-time location.

What is Thinkwide?

Thinkwide hospitality Private Limited has developed the product PGO.

What is partner with PGO?

Interested users can submit their request to associate/partner with PGO. They just need to fill this form and submit. Our executive will personally support you on field or on call.

How to make a booking?

Home Page/Search Option/Choose among the displayed properties. Click on the property, it will lead you to booking page.

What is Refer & Earn?

By clicking here you can share the app link via social network with your friends and family. PGO is happy to be with you. Help us to expand!

What are the payment methods for booking?

Pay At Property and Pay Now. Pay At Property allows you to pay 100% at the property during check-in. Pay Now allows you to pay 100% of the value on-line through payment gateway.

How to cancel booking?

Click on Cancel button next to your booking id. Read Guest Policies for more details.

What are user policies mandatory to read before proceeding?

Terms & Conditions, Guest Policies and Privacy Policy. Its mandatory to read and agree each and every point in these 3 policies.

What is PGO classifieds?

It’s meant for PGO hosts to buy/sell listed properties.

What are exclusive properties means?

Properties which are promoted by PGO come under exclusive category.