How internships help college students to step up their corporate game

July 8, 2019

Oh, College! Isn't it the best times of our lives? Those who don't agree on that, are simply have been living under a rock. Life in college is cool, comfy, and carefree. And things get to stay like that for a good amount of time.

However, things slowly slip away in the final year of college when you see all your friends getting placed as the corporate world comes knocking!

And when it's your turn for placements, the interviewer asks all those questions you have been evading or smoke up in the air all these college years!

It's a competitive world, my friend! The corporate hires only the best, may it be an entry-level job, people who have the experience, training, or some prior knowledge of the job role are always picked up first over the plain average joe!

Here is an article on how you can accentuate your resume with internships while still in college before you hit the corporate turfs.

What is an Internship?

Going by the textbook definition of internship:

" the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification"

To simply put that- you get to work in the desired field of your choice for a short duration of time. Sometimes this may be unpaid but never it is of waste of your time!

During the Internship, you get hands-on training to learn how to apply your study to solve the real world problems.

Internships help to build valuable experience and provide exposure to the functioning of the corporate structure.

Why Internship?

1. Internship Provide Real-Time Experience

What you study and what you may have to apply in work life are totally different things. Internships provide the platform to test-run your knowledge. You get to learn what's needed and not in the industry. It gives a boost to your learning curve.

2. Create a Professional Network and Learn Work Ethics

Internships teach you the first steps in Networking. You get work with a company's manager, seniors, team leads, and other departments. And if you work hard enough, you may get to know happens in the CEO chamber. Networking sets up long term professional relationships which will help you even after your internship is over.

Another important aspect you learn in Internships is work ethics. Good grades do not assure that you will be a great employee. How to act and respond in work culture is of utmost importance. Company HRs dig this quality in interviews!

3.  Internships provide a reality check

During the course of your internship, you will get to know your pros, cons and your interests. How good I am for this kind of job? Is this what I want to do?. You will get answers to these crucial questions. In short, Internships will help you choose your career path.

4. Job Prospects

This is the best thing about internships! Your internship which usually lasts from 1 -3 months may turn into a full-time job offer. However, this is done by only a few company's and only for exceptional interns.

So it's up to you to take up an internship, learn the skills, develop yourself in the process. And if you beat the corporate game, you will have your future secured much before than your college buddies!

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