How PGO Helps Software Professionals and simplifies their work

May 17, 2019

It is a known fact that the life of the Indian Software Professional is a rollercoaster ride of managing the boss and being on the cusp to shift to a new location.

Most of the IT hubs in the country are based in cities, which are jammed packed with thousands of people sharing the same problem of finding better and new Hostels/PGs etc.

Now and then, people go out door-to-door in search of a "Home away from home". However, most of these House Hunts end up excruciatingly painful with long walks in sun, acting as air filters absorbing pollution, bickering with the property owners, getting scammed by brokers and the list goes on.

To come around this modern day problem of the humble techies, PGO is trying to patch up things!

- PGO is the new age Hostel/PGO mobile application were users find 8 different categories of accommodations under one platform.

Users can book online, speak to host, open for pay at the property and flexible options to choose daily or monthly, hostel or hotel, PG or, lodge and many more options. Everything can be done at the fingertips with assured and verified service.

PGO has over 12,000 properties under its grip. PGO takes the power from the property owners and shares it with the user. Thus, making the quest for better living a hassle-free experience.