Monsoon Fever: Tips For Hostellers To Avoid Going Home

July 8, 2019

Monsoon season is here! The weather is breathtaking, office-college seems much more interesting and there is a hint of hope and relief in the air. After a soaring summer heat and some dancing in the rain is a mystical experience.

But for some us, this monsoon sweetness comes with a price. As the wet wheater hosts an unending number of bacteria, virus, and flu.

Cold, cough and increasing body temperature have already become a household problem. From children to adults like you and me, nobody is spared.

Fungal infections, joint pains, diarrhoea, allergies, and the most irritating "running nose" are some of the cons that sprout up with the rainy season. Now, if you are a Hosteller, these complications take an extra toll on you know it... "Where is my Mom?" . When you are sick staying with your family is the safest bet.

But you can't just leave everything here go home right? So here are some tried and tested tips for Hostellers to stay healthy in rainy season:

1. Avoid Junk Food at all costs

During the monsoon season, the digestive system is prone to infections. Junk or outside food becomes a tough task to digest, making the stomach weak. Further, outside are in the contact of air and water which not be well maintained so they become home to bacteria, and when you eat such food you are more likely to contract a disease.

Follow a healthy diet.

Drink boiled water

2. Keep your hands dry and clean

Hands are the favourite vehicle for germs and bacterias to take a ride inside of you! As the monsoon makes the condition favourable for infections to spread fast. Your hands have to be washed properly every time. While being outside you can contract germs while touching seats in bus or trains, or just by shaking hands with someone. So handwash is a must!

3. Dancing in the rain will get to sick for sure

It is luring to walk, dance, cycle or even making paper boats and run along the street canals this monsoon season. But getting wet in the rainwater makes you a favourite for viral diseases and fungal infections attack.

Dry yourself fast after coming from outside

So get your feet dry

Do not stay in wet socks or shoes.

4.  Vitamin C is a superfood

As the viruses and bacteria thrive in the Monsoon season. Keeping your immunity strong is your best chance against viral fevers, allergic reactions, etc.

One of the simplest ways to boost your immunity is increasing your Vitamin C intake.

Eat sprouts- grams, lentils

 Fresh vegetables,

Make Orange juice your best friend

5. Check your surroundings

Potholes,  logged water, open containers become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria. It's advised to spray disinfectors or DDT in such places.

Stay in, Stay Safe don't forget to eat homemade pokkodas this monsoon season.