May 17, 2019

If you are someone looking for accommodation from time to time then trust us, PGO app will make things hassle-free for the rest of your life.

This walkthrough is for PGO app users.

    1. In this tutorial, you will learn:
    2. 1. How to Download the PGO App and “CREATE ACCOUNT”
      1. 2. How to search for booking Hostels/PGs Using the PGO App
        1. 3. How to cancel a booking in the PGO App

        SIMPLE STEPS to Download the PGO App and Make Account

        If you have not downloaded the PGO app yet,

        - Android users can download it from PlayStore

        - OS users can download it from The App Store

        When you have found the app, tap to download and install.

        After you have installed the app, open the app to proceed

        Enter Your Phone Number To Get An OTP:

        Enter Your Name, Email id and any referral code followed by 6-digit OTP code to confirm your registration process.

        How to search for booking Hostels/PGs using “PGO App”

        You will find the PGO app Home screen

        Now, either you can switch on your geo-location and tap on the "Near Me" icon on the app

        Or, as per your choice manually you can search for the location.

        Voila! You will be directed to the "search preferences" page.

        Here you can choose the type of room you are searching, booking type, Number of months you want to avail a room Etc.

        Further, you can choose your price range, Air condition facilities etc.

        • After you tap on search option, you will see the list of all the accommodation facilities in your locality.

        Select the one you like and tap on “Proceed for Booking" option.

        You will be directed to the "Room Details" of the selected property. Choose as per your needs and then tap on "Check Availability & Continue" option.

        We are close book your accommodation! Finally, enter your ID details and choose any of the payment method to complete the booking.

        Hurry up! You will be getting the confirmation message.

        You will receive a confirmation call from PGO support team and arrangement will be complete between you and the property owner.

        Trust us, you will be saved from a hell lot trouble!

        How to cancel a booking in the PGO App

        If you think to cancel you’re booking for various reasons then you can do it in four simple steps

        Step-1: Tap on "2 parallel lines" icon in the upper left corner of the app.

        Now select the "Bookings" option from the slide.

        Step-2: Now you will be able to see all your bookings. Tap on the one which you want to cancel.

        Step-3:  you could see all the details of your booking. Tap on "CANCEL BOOKING" option.

        Step-4: You will get a cancellation message in next few seconds.

        That's all folks!