Staying in Hostel? Avoid these five things to keep things on the brighter side

June 25, 2019

Living in Hostel or PG is a strange new world if you are someone who has lived all his younger years at Home Sweet Home. Most people move to Hostels/PGs for educational purpose and for Job's sake. In those times of hanging hopes for good results in education, a good hostel and roommates become a lifesaver. On the other hand, for a working professional, a good hostel environment keeps the stress under control. However, the opposite i.e unpleasant Hostel atmosphere will make your days a living nightmare requiring constant doses of homesickness leaves!

Here are some tried and tested testimonies to keep in mind while living in a Hostel/PG:

1) Never leave the left out food in the trash can inside the room

Hostel/PGs in India are mostly small rooms with little ventilation. In such a crunched space, things can get very smelly if not disposed of properly.

Your 2 am munching on a pizza and leaving some of it in the open air can turn into a stinky smelling monster meal by the morning.

Learn to clean your food before your roommates kick you out!

2)  Stop using your roommates' stuff

Your roommate is not included in the rent you pay.  If you have a habit of using other people's stuff like a coffee mug, toothpaste, cupboard space, bed space etc, you should stop it right away. It's not cool. It's a different case if you and your roommates have developed such mutual understanding. Otherwise, things may blow like a pressure cooker on one sunny day!

Learn to respect your roommates' personal space!

3) Keep your shared toilet clean!

Leaving evidence of your nature call and keeping the toilets stinky is a big No-No. Avoid it at any cost.

Learn to keep your private space clean!

4) Don't do heavy drinking

I understand that most of the Bachelor life cannot be separated from boozing but you have to keep tab on the limit. Coming all intoxicated in your shared room is appreciated among most people. However, If you are the lucky one with all your roommates sharing your Alcohol, then enjoy mate!

5) Roommates are family

It may be awkward at the beginning, after eating, sleeping and living in a tiny room for some time, without your notice you will get attached to your roommate(s). So treat them nicely as you would do it for your own family member.