PGO Media Coverage | Face To Face With PGO CEO

November 13, 2019

As PGO received $2 Million in the second round of funding from Ektha group's Sreeni Musani and IRA Reality Tech's Narsi Reddy, the spirits are high for the PGO team and the vision of PGO's management of creating a hassle-free, affordable and trustworthy platform, where anybody can find a PG & Hostel across the country, is getting stronger.

With fresh investments, PGO will try to grip its reach in other big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc, upgrade its technological capacities and consolidate its service offerings.

PGO garnered all the cheers in its funding conference at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad where PGO, CEO, Hari Krishna addressed all the media personals and told them about PGO's roadmap ahead in solving the Millennial’s Problem of finding a PG & hostel.

Let's hear it straight from the man himself.

PGO, CEO Interview with V6 Telugu News

PGO has been running field operations in four major cities- Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune and has created a presence in 186 other cities. Presently, it has over 6.33 lakh beds across over 13,072 verified properties with over 1.57 lakh users and has recorded 205,782 total stay days. PGO has crossed the 130000+ app download mark and the demand for the service is shooting up at a tremendous pace. With an overall user feedback rating of 4.4, PGO user base is ticking at 120000 and still growing. 

Interview with HMTVLIVE

Interview with ABN Network

Interview with HYBIZ.TV

PGO provides budget-oriented Hostels for students and professionals with sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, have shared rooms

Few hostels may offer short-stay accommodation as well.

The PGO App makes things simple and easy. With just three simple steps the user can book their favourite living spot. The app lets you search hostels/ PGs and all kind of accommodations in the place of your choice. It details out everything about the property of choice from- Bed sharing, rent, mess food items, etc.  The user can contact the owner of the property and even schedule a visit to the place to assure.

PGO in written Media: